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The most elegant light quadricycles in Finland

Ligiers offering freedom in the form of mobility are made by the French Ligier Group, the world’s largest light quadricycle manufacturer. Every light quadricycle manufactured by the Ligier Group contains the most recent technology in the industry and solutions creating excellent driving comfort. The handling characteristics of the Ligier Group light quadricycle represent the undisputed top of the industry.

The exceptional focus on safety is a notable trait of Ligier Group’s vehicles. The quadricycles are built on top of a uniform, very safe and sturdy tubular frame. This allows the passengers of the vehicle to be effectively protected during potential collisions. Additional protection against side impact collisions are provided by the side impact bars, which are only available today in quadricycles offered by Ligier Group. Ligier Group was also the first to introduce airbags in the steering wheels of light quadricycles and still today remains the only manufacturer offering airbag protection for them.

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