Honda Power Equipment

Honda, the world's biggest engine maker, reached a major milestone when its 100 millionth Power product rolled off the production line.

"Change is needed. There has to be a way of making work easier by mechanising practices." These were the words of Soichiro Honda, when embarking on R&D in order to fulfil this dream. The result was an agricultural engine launched in 1953 ”to bring the joy of new technology to workers on farms and in fishing villages." Since then, Honda has focused on producing novel, motorised equipment that makes everyday life easier. This has enabled Honda to create fuel-efficient grinders, lawnmowers, outboard motors, generators, snow blowers and other reliable equipment that is kind to people and the environment. Honda is also known for its Asimo robot, and makes robotic lawnmowers and other battery-powered garden tools for consumers.

By now Honda has made 100 million Power products, which are improving lives all over the world. Honda continually develops its expertise and advanced environmental technology, and recognises people’s needs such as energy saving.
Honda has always been known for venturing into new areas: current aims include making solar power systems, and producing small thermal power plants for house owners.

Having passed the 100 million unit mark, Honda intends to continue as a pioneer and creator of new value for consumers. By developing technology that promotes harmony between people and nature, Honda provides solutions that help people get through their work in all areas of life, while bringing a satisfied smile to their faces.

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