Oy Brandt Ab


1905 Aktiebolaget Otto Brandt Osakeyhtiö was founded. The company had offices at Unioninkatu 30 in Helsinki and at Linnankatu 6 in Turku in Finland. The product range in the store included bicycles, kicksleds, sports equipment, gramophones and records.

In the 1910s, the share of motorcycles in the business grew.

1960 Otto Brandt started importing Honda motorcycles as the first company to do so in Europe.

1964 The Honda range expanded to outboard motors and general purpose engines.

1982 Otto Brandt was consolidated.

1985 The Honda import operations expanded to lawn and garden equipment, pumps and generators.

1988 Otto Brandt’s subsidiary, the Oy Brandt Ab wholesale business, was formed.

Oy Brandt Ab today

Oy Brandt Ab is part of the Otto Brandt Group, established in 1905. We are a wholesale business specialising in import and export in the technical sector and mainly operate in the market of leisure-time vehicles and small machines. Our main markets are in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and Central Europe, but we have customers around the world.

Over time, we have represented several of the world’s leading vehicle makes. Our imports include Honda motorcycles, outboard motors, lawn and garden equipment, generators, water pumps, snowblowers, ATVs and general purpose engines; Europower generators; Segway ATV's; Ligier AM-licence cars; Niu electric scooters; Coopop electric scooters and Zero electric motorcycles. In addition, Oy Brandt Ab sells and markets Silver, Terhi, Faster and TG boats manufactured in Finland.

The core of our strategy is to offer meticulous, fast and long-term service to our hundreds of merchant customers around Europe. Brandt has offices in Helsinki, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden, and sales agencies in France and Norway. Our sales and marketing takes place through both digital and conventional face-to-face channels. Our wholesale product range includes a versatile offering of machines and vehicles for leisure time activities, enabling our customers to develop their sales throughout the year and during different seasons. We offer the best products for both children and beginners as well as for more seasoned enthusiasts or professionals. We take pride in representing high-quality products that are also reliable for our distributors to represent. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumer customers around Europe who use our equipment and vehicles on a daily basis. For us, a satisfied end client is also an important indicator of success. Pictures or videos posted on social media by satisfied end clients of their lives with our products are a testament to us having provided great service to our merchants.

Why should you as a merchant or client choose us as your partner?

The secret of our business extending decades lies in our long-term relationships with customers, employees and clients. Our relationships with many of our merchant customers span decades. These relationships have been passed on from fathers to sons and daughters, in both companies. Our most important goal is a satisfied customer, whose staff and needs we know personally. We are equally committed to the makes we represent. A good example of this is Honda, which was discovered in the autumn of 1959 by our then sales director Seppo Valkama, who spotted a small ad featuring the make in the Motorcycle News magazine. Our cooperation with Honda began the following year, making us the first Honda importer in Europe. However, it would be impossible to maintain long-term relationships without solid development work and profound understanding of our customers. Therefore, one of our most important goals is to continuously develop our operations. We meet the needs of the changing world by actively following our sector, market, trends and related legislation. We heed the changes in technology, purchasing behaviour and values in society in our operations immediately. Thus, we focus heavily on the sales of leisure-time equipment. It is the sector our operations have and will always be based on. Even though our representation includes a wide variety of different machines and equipment, we do not want to our business to run like an automaton, without ethics and morale. That is why, in addition to good products and continuous development of our services, our operations are guided by the soft but important values of our family business: high quality, responsibility, cooperation and reliability.

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