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Honda has always been the trendsetter in outboard engine manufacturing. It was the first to introduce the four stroke engine onto the market, long before any other manufacturer. The distribution of Honda outboard engines in Finland started in 1964 when Brandt took the engines into their range of Honda products. There are unique technical solutions in every Honda outboard engine that ensures the best performance in all size-classes and in all speed ranges. Hondas exceptional reliability has its roots in a strong technical know how and a continuous research and development. These factors are also the reason why a five year guarantee has been granted for all Honda outboard engines in private use. The guarantee for professional use is two years. Honda is working together with finnish boat manufacturers and offers boat packages where the most suitable engine is always paired with the boat to guarantee a good boating experience. The main partners in Finland are AMT, Silver, Buster, Faster.

The worlds most experienced manufacturer of four stroke engines, and is throughout history the most purchased outboard engine brand in the world whose first model was released as early as 1964.

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