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Moto Guzzi is the oldest motorcycle brand in Europe. It was established in 1921 and has been owned by the Piaggio Group since late 2004. While leaning heavily on the strong legacy, Piaggio is also building the Moto Guzzi range of products utilising modern technology.  Moto Guzzi is more than a motorcycle – it’s a way of life. 

In Finland, Moto Guzzi has earned its place in the hearts of many and attracted an active group of Moto Guzzi enthusiasts.

Do you know where the wings came from in the Moto Guzzi logo?

The Moto Guzzi story starts with two pilots and their mechanic during World War I. The names of the three men were Carlo Guzzi, Giovanni Ravelli and Giorgio Parodi. The trio planned establishing a motorcycle company after the war. Guzzi was to design the motorcycles, Parodi (son of the wealthy Genovese shipow0ners) would fund the project and Ravelli (an already famous pilot and motorcyclist) would promote the bikes while racing them. Guzzi and Parodi (together with Parodi’s brother) established Moto Guzzi in 1921. Tragically and with an ironic twist, Ravelli died in an aeroplane accident only a few days after the war ended, which is what the eagle wings commemorate in the Moto Guzzi logo.

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