Cramer Garden Tools

Leading the way since 1835

Since Cramer was founded back in 1835 we have aimed to become the leading manufacturer within professional gardening equipment, hence delivering the highest quality for professional applications. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our equipment so that they can meet the high demands of our professional customers, even in the toughest conditions. 

Practical tools for professionals

Since 2017, Globe Group is the majority shareholder of Cramer; a company who are frontrunners in a world which leaves fossil fuels and electric cords behind. Rechargeable battery technology is therefore the new way towards a successful future in professional gardening. Combined, our strength has become the ability to acclimatize our products based on today’s environmental debate and is stemmed from the desire to play an active role in shaping change – even in the face of ever stricter environmental requirements. As a result of this we are passionate about transforming gasoline products into battery-powered products without having to compromise on performance. 

Manufactured by Globe Group

We have affiliates all over the world, where skills ranging from research and development to production solely exists within Globe Group. This enables us to control every bit of the supply chain, ensuring great efficiency, quality and the capacity to produce suitable equipment for a professional landscaper.

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